Chris (ddrpolaris) wrote,

Boo, computer stuff

Computer died while I was working on something. All changes/work lost. Boo. Running in safe mode now, can't reboot in regular mode.

Does this sound like anything anyone would know about:
The computer starts booting up, gets to a screen where it asks me if I want to start regularly or start in safe mode, safe mode with networking, etc. If I choose to boot up normally it starts going through the normal log on process, then goes black, and cycles to the beginning of the process again and asks what mode I would like to boot up in. If I choose to boot up in safe mode, it does make it through to logging me in (although now the screen is a little dim). This has happened a couple of times now, and sometimes it just goes away on its own and I'm eventually able to log on normally, but it worries me. There have also been some display issues. I've updated my video drivers.
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