Chris (ddrpolaris) wrote,

What is wrong with my brain

Every time I fall asleep tonight, I keep having the same nightmare. I know I'm dreaming, but my brain will start screaming at me "WAKE UP WAKE UP YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP THEY'LL KNOW YOU'RE DREAMING ABOUT THEM AND THEY'LL COME FOR YOU." And then I get booted back to being awake, but I'm sweating and shaking and my head is pounding. Same thing at least 6 times over the last two hours. No clue who the "they" are/is, but damn if the fear of the unknown isn't terrifying. And they're the type of nightmares where you're still slightly having them once you're awake and you're too terrified to move because awake brain doesn't realize yet that the real world doesn't work like dream world and there's nothing you should actually be afraid of.

Managed to somehow work Pam from Archer into my dream the last time. Didn't help. Not sure why I went with Pam, but it's probably because she's bad ass.

Had a similar thing last night, except no nightmares. The second my brain would switch from awake to asleep, or get to that weird in between place, my whole body would shudder and bring me back to fully awake. Lost count of how many times it happened, but I ended up finally getting actual sleep eventually, some time after I was too exhausted to keep checking the clock. When I finally woke up, I was pretty rough. Covered in sweat and my whole body was sore.

Ok, calmed down enough to finish getting up and turn on lights. I'll try sleeping again later, possibly when it's light outside.
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