Chris (ddrpolaris) wrote,

Fading Suns

Thinking about the new edition of Fading Suns got me thinking of Character concepts, and I created one using 2nd edition rules, when I should be sleeping. Probably not playable.

Brother Gaius
Eskatonic, practitioner of Geomancy, believer in the Worldshaper Heresy
Details would probably vary based on the game, troupe, and starting location

Strength 3
Dexterity 5
Endurance 4
Wits 8
Perception 5
Tech 8
Extrovert 1/Introvert 3
Passion 1/Calm 3
Faith 8/Ego 1

Natural Skills
All Natural Skills at base

Learned Skills
Academia 2
Alchemy 2
Biology 8
Geology 8
Geomancy 2
High Tech Redemption 8
Meteorology 8
Physick 5
Read Latin 2
Read Urthish 2
Read Urthtech 2
Remedy 6
Think Machine 2
Terraforming 8
Volt Redemption 2
Xeno-biology 2

Blessings, Curses, Benefices, Afflictions
Clerical Rank Provost: 5pts
Grease Monkey 4pts: +2 with all Tech Redemption skills
Innovative 2pts: +2 Tech when inventing something new
Protection 3pts: "Someone (or group of people) is looking
out for the character. The character may well owe his
protector something in return, but it is always helpful to be
a Charioteer with the backing of the local Hawkwoods, even
if he does have to fly them wherever they want to go.", possibly either a noble patron or guild collaborator.

Cloistered +1pt: "The character grew up separately from
other people, and has never gotten over the fact. Since she
has had so few dealings with others, she may well misunderstand
them, be nervous around them and have a hard
time relating to them. Others are likely to find her odd, especially
when she starts using the unique language she developed
as a child."
Dark Secret +2pts: "Dangerous (So, you help run a coven, do you?)" Believer/practitioner of the Worldshaper Heresy, creator and user of proscribed tech.
(I also considered giving him Horrible Scar or Burn and having his torso be covered in burns from an Avestite questioning, but decided against it for now).

This version has no Theurgy

The character would need some tweaking for an actual game as a PC, but I have neat images of him and his personality in my head. I'd probably need to rebalance the Spirit Characteristics, because I don't totally get them, and probably redistribute some skill points to dodge.
But I enjoy the worldshaper heresy and the Eskatonics, and I kindof like having an Eskatonic that doesn't have either Psi or Theurgy. He'd be convinced that terraforming would play a crucial role in the coming Eskaton, and one that was being terribly neglected in the Eskatonics preparations. If the worlds of the fading suns aren't shaped into proper vessels for the light, and are susceptible to the darkness, what hope do their inhabitants have?

Terraforming is a pain to buy up. You cannot raise Terraforming higher than the lowest rank you have in Biology, Geology, and Meteorology, so it's quadruple cost if that's the skill you want to raise up (makes sense I guess, given the scope). I find it Hi-larious that Physics (or chemistry for that matter) aren't similarly required. Particularly since many of the terraformed planets make NO SENSE in terms of Physics. Or really any of the actually required skills for that matter. I don't even know. Magic. Terraforming is essentially magic, which is where the geomancy comes in I guess. I'd probably want to add physics and/or chemistry, it's just there are so many skills. Geomancy would be the lowest of the terraforming related skills, because while he would probably have the knowledge to use surviving terraforming tech, he'd be hesitant to use it without knowing the best Geomantic configuration of the planet's energy. And since that knowledge/skill is somewhat proscribed, it would be harder to come by. Seeking out that knowledge, and knowledge of Doramos, would be driving goals.

Hmmm actually, rethinking cloistered. I think I'd want him to be an ex-Guild Engineer that had a road to Damascus moment that triggered his entry into the Eskatonic Order. A visitation after a mishap with one of the Terraforming devices, or possibly even with the Scirocco pn Pentateuch. He would have a different reference frame from others in terms of how he viewed his faith, but that wouldn't mean he was any less fervent. He'd just be more about seeing the face of God in Euler's Identity and Celestial Mechanics rather than the Music of the Spheres or standard Universal Church iconagraphy.
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