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[06 Sep 2012|12:48am]
I have an interview Friday. Any tips or advice?
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GURPS inter-dimensional/temporal game bucket list [19 Aug 2012|10:41pm]
1. Pet a dragon
2. High-five Joe Montana after a super-bowl or other big game
3. Shoot a Nazi
4. Punch Hitler. Will also accept killing Hitler if Homeline's not being too douchey about paradox or whatever that stuff is I don't really listen to/understand.
5. Ride a flying dragon
6. Go streaking through a royal coronation
7. Ride a dinosaur (NOTE: From experience with Dragon, remember to bring special chaps)
8. Find a gay (or bi. or heteroflexible) Paul Newman and make out with him. A lot.
9. Be there to witness live "The Catch" (See also item 2)
10. Ride in a space ship
11. Get a queen of England to say "We are not amused" (See also item 6)
12. Kidnap the first Bevo, and leave as present for dragon. Also, Kidnap Pig.
13. Find out if Vomitoriums were real Update: My friends tell me that's a mistranslation.
14. Start a slow-clap at a major historical event, extra points if I don't get punched by Sonia.
15. Steal a copy of Starry Night from one world, and then give it to a college kid in another world to put on the wall of his dorm.
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star wars [31 Jul 2012|03:31pm]
Star wars gets a free to play option this fall: http://www.virtual-strategy.com/2012/07/31/ea-expands-award-winning-mmo-star-wars%E2%84%A2-old-republic%E2%84%A2-free-play-option-fall
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[12 Jul 2012|11:16pm]
New Sandman, written by Gaiman with art by J H Williams III. Not until 2013. Curses.
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Plants, daily constitutional [27 Jun 2012|12:47pm]
Today I got to hear, and shortly after see, a tree falling in the woods. The cracking of the trunk is much louder than the falling. It's like an explosion. The trunk was bigger around than I could fit my arms around. No idea how tall it was, but I could see it over the tops of most of the other trees.

I also got some free potted plants.
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[19 Jun 2012|11:12pm]
Designing women episode about AIDS:

TV from my childhood.
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[01 Jun 2012|11:25am]
Iron Man 3. The Mandarin. Really? Really? Is George Lucas suddenly a creative consultant? Is this going to be an ironic racism (ugh) thing? I mean, I know there will be other villains but, bleh.

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Psychonauts and more [01 Jun 2012|11:00am]
The newest Humble Indie Bundle is coming out, and it includes Psychonauts, Limbo, and Bastion (and others) for PC, Mac, and Linux:

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[28 May 2012|10:22pm]
Berries plus non-dairy whipped topping. Also, trashy tv and Dr. Kat. Awesome night, making up for sun burn and soreness.
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[27 May 2012|05:55pm]
I am red and sore and have a body made of sad.
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[21 May 2012|10:27am]
My dad was in a motorcycle accident yesterday. Wrecked his bike. He's mostly fine, scraped and banged up, but no broken bones. He won't be working this week, and he probably won't be able to get the garden done by himself, so I'll probably be going down to help out with that again. He was not wearing a helmet or any other safety gear. Tire blew out or something because he had put off replacing it. He proooobably will not be getting another bike again. Until he forgets again, and throws caution to the wind.

One minute into telling me about my dad's accident, my mom switched to talking about yarn. Because Webs' tent sale or something, clearly of utmost importance.

Glad he's alright, but seriously though, no helmet, after all the times me and my mother have yelled at him for that, and his general lack of pracautions in all things.

What my family lacks in sense, I guess it makes up in durability?
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[17 May 2012|12:53pm]
Last night I got frozen yogurt and watched a dumpster burn*. It was a good night in Worcester.

*I remembered to report the fire first, before kicking back and watching it burn while I ate my yogurt. Also, it takes a lot of water to put out a dumpster fire.
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Oh god, pain has a sound [15 May 2012|09:28am]
I was working from home yesterday, so I didn't have headphones in my laptop, and I had the volume pumped.

Today at work, I put the headphones back in without thinking to lower the volume back down.
Then I decided to listen to some Skrillex. I think my ears are bleeding. Ow.
Why couldn't it have been one of the songs that has a slow and gentle build up to the base drop?
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Cleaning out laptop fans [14 May 2012|08:49am]
Question for anyone who has done this before:
How do you clean out a laptop, specifically the fan? Do you just open it up and use canned air? Is there anything special you need to do / be careful of?
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Fading Suns Character [02 May 2012|08:10am]
Here's take two on my Fading Suns Character
Crunchy bits only, will have to redo the writeup I did later. Stupid laptop dying.

crunchy bitsCollapse )
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Boo, computer stuff [01 May 2012|11:41pm]
Computer died while I was working on something. All changes/work lost. Boo. Running in safe mode now, can't reboot in regular mode.

Does this sound like anything anyone would know about:
The computer starts booting up, gets to a screen where it asks me if I want to start regularly or start in safe mode, safe mode with networking, etc. If I choose to boot up normally it starts going through the normal log on process, then goes black, and cycles to the beginning of the process again and asks what mode I would like to boot up in. If I choose to boot up in safe mode, it does make it through to logging me in (although now the screen is a little dim). This has happened a couple of times now, and sometimes it just goes away on its own and I'm eventually able to log on normally, but it worries me. There have also been some display issues. I've updated my video drivers.
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What is wrong with my brain [29 Apr 2012|03:39am]
Every time I fall asleep tonight, I keep having the same nightmare. I know I'm dreaming, but my brain will start screaming at me "WAKE UP WAKE UP YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP THEY'LL KNOW YOU'RE DREAMING ABOUT THEM AND THEY'LL COME FOR YOU." And then I get booted back to being awake, but I'm sweating and shaking and my head is pounding. Same thing at least 6 times over the last two hours. No clue who the "they" are/is, but damn if the fear of the unknown isn't terrifying. And they're the type of nightmares where you're still slightly having them once you're awake and you're too terrified to move because awake brain doesn't realize yet that the real world doesn't work like dream world and there's nothing you should actually be afraid of.

Managed to somehow work Pam from Archer into my dream the last time. Didn't help. Not sure why I went with Pam, but it's probably because she's bad ass.

Had a similar thing last night, except no nightmares. The second my brain would switch from awake to asleep, or get to that weird in between place, my whole body would shudder and bring me back to fully awake. Lost count of how many times it happened, but I ended up finally getting actual sleep eventually, some time after I was too exhausted to keep checking the clock. When I finally woke up, I was pretty rough. Covered in sweat and my whole body was sore.

Ok, calmed down enough to finish getting up and turn on lights. I'll try sleeping again later, possibly when it's light outside.
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Fading Suns [28 Apr 2012|03:19am]
Thinking about the new edition of Fading Suns got me thinking of Character concepts, and I created one using 2nd edition rules, when I should be sleeping. Probably not playable.

CharacterCollapse )
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Doctors visit [25 Apr 2012|11:34pm]
According to the x-rays, besides minor congenital scoliosis, everything's cool with my neck and spine. Since it's persisted for more than a month, doctor wants me to start physical therapy. Next step, finding a place that's close and is covered by my insurance.
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[25 Apr 2012|10:07pm]
I think my video card may be on death's door. Or something.
Screen going black, resolution changing without me touching anything. I have no idea.
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