GURPS inter-dimensional/temporal game bucket list

1. Pet a dragon
2. High-five Joe Montana after a super-bowl or other big game
3. Shoot a Nazi
4. Punch Hitler. Will also accept killing Hitler if Homeline's not being too douchey about paradox or whatever that stuff is I don't really listen to/understand.
5. Ride a flying dragon
6. Go streaking through a royal coronation
7. Ride a dinosaur (NOTE: From experience with Dragon, remember to bring special chaps)
8. Find a gay (or bi. or heteroflexible) Paul Newman and make out with him. A lot.
9. Be there to witness live "The Catch" (See also item 2)
10. Ride in a space ship
11. Get a queen of England to say "We are not amused" (See also item 6)
12. Kidnap the first Bevo, and leave as present for dragon. Also, Kidnap Pig.
13. Find out if Vomitoriums were real Update: My friends tell me that's a mistranslation.
14. Start a slow-clap at a major historical event, extra points if I don't get punched by Sonia.
15. Steal a copy of Starry Night from one world, and then give it to a college kid in another world to put on the wall of his dorm.

Plants, daily constitutional

Today I got to hear, and shortly after see, a tree falling in the woods. The cracking of the trunk is much louder than the falling. It's like an explosion. The trunk was bigger around than I could fit my arms around. No idea how tall it was, but I could see it over the tops of most of the other trees.

I also got some free potted plants.

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Iron Man 3. The Mandarin. Really? Really? Is George Lucas suddenly a creative consultant? Is this going to be an ironic racism (ugh) thing? I mean, I know there will be other villains but, bleh.